How to Fix Error 5b00 on Canon Printers

Here’s how to fix a 5B00 error on a Canon printer – An error in the printer is something that can be said to be normal when your printer performs hard work. Printer errors are unavoidable as long as your printer is used. but you don’t need to worry about some of the errors there is a way to fix it. as we will discuss this time how to overcome or correct a 5b00 error on a Canon printer. This Error 5b00 obstacle cannot be guessed when it comes sometimes when my friend is printing and sometimes also when the printer is first turned on. the occurrence of the 5B00 Error on this Canon printer occurred because the counterpart of the main board of the printer was full and requested a reset. so that the counter value returns to zero.

Error 5b00 Message

How to Fix Canon Printer showing Error 5b00

This problem is common in almost all types and brands of printers, such as Canon, Epson, HP, etc. but for the 5b00 error code generally occurs in almost all series of Canon printers, such as PIXMA MG, PIXMA G, PIXMA MP, PIXMA iP and other series. if you suddenly get a message like the one above, surely your printer won’t work. along with this, the printer indicator light will turn off (blink) periodically. take it easy, this can be overcome by using a software resetter belonging to the Canon printer. we can call this also by Flashing the printer bios that cannot print. the following steps will guide you to prepare the reset process:

  1. Download Canon Resetter according to your printer series.
  2. Set up the printer into service mode.
  3. Let the power cable be connected to electricity.
  4. Press the resume and power buttons simultaneously, then release the resume with the power button still pressed 5 times.
  5. The process then releases the resume and power buttons simultaneously.

At this step, your printer has entered service mode, usually marked by the detection of a new device on the computer. then you just have to open the resetter application to fix 5b00 error, which you previously downloaded according to your Canon printer series.

There you will find the clear ink counter absorber menu, the function of this menu is to delete the contents of your full printer counter. on the right side there is a menu set, then click the EEPROM menu, it will reset your printer. what if you are confused see how to reset Canon printers to fix error 5b00? we will explain step by step below:

reset canon printer (5b00)

Resetting steps to fix 5b00 error

  1. Prepare 2 sheets of paper in the printer’s paper feed.
  2. Double-click the Resetter software, then click the “MAIN” button, usually after clicking the “MAIN” button the printer will print one page with the words “D=000.0”.
  3. Then you click the “EEPROM Clear” button.
  4. Then click the “EEPROM” button, in this process the printer will output the Resetter, check the line generated from the print process whether there is a word “TPAGE (TTL=00000)”.
  5. Then turn off the printer and turn it on again.

After printer reboot, the Error 5b00 does not appear again, if the error message shows up again, you can try to fix 5b00 error by resetting the printer without software, you can follow the step below:

How to Reset a Canon Printer Without Software

  1. In resetting the printer without software, your printer must be in a state of inactivity.
  2. Then press the button under power, the resume button and hold it.
  3. Then press the Power button that is green and hold it too, so the power and resume buttons are both held.
  4. Then release the resume button which is orange.
  5. After that, press the resume button which is orange six times and the last one is held.
  6. If you have released all the power and resume buttons simultaneously.

The author’s experience in this way is effective. but if the two steps above have been tried and the results have not been able to repair your printer. Advise admin take the printer to the nearest service center to reduce the risk of other damage. Thus the Easy Way to Reset a Canon Printer to overcome the 5b00 error, hopefully, your printer works and works without any obstacles.